About Us

In the converging worlds of
technology, marketing and mobile,

We sit at the centre.

With offices in the US, India and China, Fugu Marketing Services Private Limited is a digital marketing agency to enable brands and agencies leverage the potential of the digital medium.

Our in-house development and execution teams ensure that campaigns, products and services are customized to each clients requirement, whilst our planning and creative teams provide that extra edge which comes only from years of experience working with multiple brands across many countries.

Our Team

Driven by a passion and hunger for all things digital…….but satisfied with a pizza.

It doesn’t take much for us to stay motivated, just a great project to sink our teeth in and watch evolve, cause in the end its the results that count and what can be more beautiful than watching a consumers eyes light up when they interact with one of our products (and no, its not because of the glow on the mobile screen).

We would love to talk about our entire team, but a picture is worth a 1000 words and we have an entire encyclopedia worth below.

Ranjit Singh

Soudamini Khurana

Thilo Koeppe

Anup Mittle

Christopher Lyon

Amar Tidke

Ravi Shankar Bose

Ritesh Gaur

Dean Vetter

Neil Kothari

Jerry Miao

Yulia Ostrovskaya

Hellen Zhang

Navin Williams

Rahul Sonawane

Zarina Rashidova

Akash Tiwari

Felix Zhao

Emily Teng

Peng Lei

Zhao Hanlin

Alan Li

Ella Chen

Sarah Yan

Nancy Yao

Lu Yang

Nana Yang

Leon Liu

Deng Yun

Julia Fan

Paul Wang

Poppy Bao

Oscar Xiong

Kevin Huang


Ben Qin


Tony Qin

Amy Liu

He DongJun

Yolanda Zhang

Lv Yunxing

Da Cheng Wang

Yang Bo


Eric Wang

Keren Xu

Qingfei Liu

Yuna Liu

Vijay Patil